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Enjoy your Newborn Session with these 7 quick tips!

So you’ve booked your newborn photography hills district session and now you’re wondering how you can make it as successful and stress-free as possible, not only for your baby but for yourselves as well. Here are seven tips I can suggest to help you not only thoroughly enjoy your newborn session, but to also appreciate this peaceful window of time.
Enjoy your baby from afar and have moment to breathe.
Here’s your complete guide to an enjoyable and relaxed newborn shoot.

  1. Plan your Newborn Session Ahead of Time!

    Your professional photographer will send you information on how to plan for your session as soon as you have booked. I recommend you have a read through the provided information pre-baby. This way you’ll have more time and energy to make notes on what you need to bring and points to keep in mind during your newborn shoot. Some photographers may ask for you to bring a sandwich as the shoot will go over lunchtime, or to bring a dummy to assist with resettling. Ensure to read through all the provided information well before your session. Don’t read it the night before as you may have questions and require more details in advance. Planning ahead for a newborn photoshoot is one of the best ways you can reduce stress before your shoot, as there will be no surprises or running around on the day.

2. Pack for your Newborn Session in Advance

You have a little mini human now!
Leaving the house is not as easy as it once was. You used to grab your keys, and phone and just, well, leave. Now, you have to pack as if you are going on a six-week holiday.
Nappies, wipes, bottles, formular, pumps, more wipes, extra clothes, the whole kit and caboodle.

Not only that.

when you think you’re ready to leave the house, your little bundle of joy decides that this is the exact time that they will poonami through all their clothes and you have to go back inside only to start the whole process again.
It can be stressful when you have to be somewhere at a certain time.
My advice, pack in advance.
Enure your nappy bag is ready to go the day or night before your baby shoot.
That way the only thing holding you back is a feed and a quick nappy change.

3. Leave the House in the Window you Have!

Your bub is settled, you’re dressed, packed and ready.
Now would be the perfect time to get in the car, but wait!
You don’t need to leave for another 30 minutes.
What do you do?
Don’t wait around at home in fear you will get there too early.
Sometimes when you miss the window, it can delay you for ages if bub wakes up, needs a feed, a change and a cuddle.
Ask your photographer if they mind if you came earlier to your session if timing suits you.
As a mother myself, and a newborn photographer with years of experience under my belt, I let my clients know they’re welcome to come as soon as they are ready.
If I’m still setting up, this is perfectly fine.
If my clients arrive early, it’s a nice way for them to come and relax in the photography studio.
This way, both the clients and the newborn will feel ready to go, rather than anxiously waiting at home, or hurrying to settle in if they get in right on time.
If, for whatever reason, your photographer does not allow for this window of time, ensure ensure your know how long it may take to get to where the newborn photo session will be held.
Even better, find a nice cafe to hang in, close to the photoshoot before hand.
This way you’re in the vicinity and if bub needs a feed, you aren’t far from the photography studio to get there in good time.

4. Trust your Photographer*

You’ve arrived at your photographer’s studio, your photographer is either wrapping your baby or are trying to settle, yet it is taking a little longer than expected. You are on the edge of the couch ready to lunge forward and take over…… know your little one, maybe if you settle your baby, the shoot will progress much quicker?….surely it will help?!

If you have booked your session with a professional, accredited newborn photographer, who has safe practice, this is your time to trust them as they settle your baby. It can actually be harder if mum or dad are handling baby too much as your little one can smell their parents and not settle as well with the photographer. If your photographer is trained they will have a mental toolbox of many different settling techniques and ways of making your baby feel safe and comfortable. If they sense that bub has gas or may need more food, then they will communicate this. They will also be monitoring the heat of the room and your baby’s signs to ensure they are not too hot, cold or uncomfortable.

If you booked your session with a professional, now is the time to relax and watch the session from the couch, have a biscuit and enjoy having two hands to use, if you sit back and watch, you will also undoubtedly learn a few settling techniques too! Enjoy this time and let your photographer do their thang!*


5. Play it Cool

The shoot has started, your little one is looking so adorable in a bowl or on the beanbag and your photographer is shooting away. You are so welcome to come over and have a look or stand close if the photographer has requested that you do. But to hang over the photographer’s shoulders the whole shoot is definitely not a relaxing way to enjoy newborn photography hills district session. If you can’t see your little one from your couch, ask the photographer if you can move a seat closer to watch the session. Watching from a distance is a lovely way to enjoy your baby and to watch a professional handle, dress and pose your little one, but just be aware that getting too close during the session can impact your photographer’s line of thought, lighting, focus and even safety for your little one as they may become distracted.*

6. Taking Photos of Taking Photos?

‘Oh my baby looks soooo adorable. I just want to take a photo of her to send to my friend/cousin/grandma so everyone can see how adorable she is!’

I have even been there. I get it. You are just so excited and for the first time seeing your little one with someone else, wrapped beautifully, not screaming, and looking super cute…why would you not want to record this moment?

Guess what? It IS being recorded!….by a professional! =)
Remember to respect the photographer’s time, craft, experience, equipment, set up, prop spend, talent…..everything! Holding back from taking a photo of the set up they have created for you, is a sign of respect to their craft and business. You never know where that photo may end up and with no credit to your photographer. Check with your photographer about taking photos of their work. Some may not allow any and some may be happy for you to take a ‘behind the scenes’ photo, with them at work to share. Always ask first so that there are no awkward ‘stressful’ moments.


7. Allow Yourself to Take a Breather

You were up how many times last night?
The night before?
The night before that? How long was your labour?
How many other kids do you have?
For many of you, this may be the only two-three hours you will be lucky to have where someone else is settling, changing, wrapping and watching your baby.
You deserve a little breather.
Watch the session and enjoy every moment of your down time.

So, to Wrap it Up

The seven tips to your complete guide to an enjoyable and relaxed newborn shoot is to:

  1. Plan ahead

  2. Pack in advance

  3. Early is better, than rushed, leave the house int he window you have

  4. Trust your accredited, professional newborn photographer

  5. play it cool

  6. Taking photos of photos, always ask

  7. Have a little down time while you watch the photoshoot.

These days are fleeting, as is the time to allow someone else to settle and take care of your baby.

Be excited about all the beautiful photos that you will receive after your session.

For more tips and ideas on choosing the best Newborn Photographer, check out this post!

Leave a comment below with any questions or other tips for the best way to experience a newborn photography session.

If at any point you are feeling uncomfortable about the way your baby is being handled, whether they’re not watched, how the baby is posed or the baby is looking or sounding different, please alert the photographer and communicate your concern.

Above everything, your baby’s safety is paramount.

Trust your photographer within reason.

Always watch your session and always communicate if something you see or hear makes you uncomfortable. If you need to step in due to a safety concern, do this. Trust your instincts.
Parents always know best.
Never book a newborn session with an unaccredited or ill-experienced newborn photographer.

There are many poses and safety precautions that need training and experience.

This is not a session to be executed by someone who is not trained.