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A beautiful Winter Family Photography session at Centennial Park

Not many people consider having their family photography taken in winter, but there are so many benefits to a winter photography session you may be converted after seeing this beautiful gallery of Mark and Claire’s family session at Centennial Park.

Mark and Claire had the choice of having a sunrise session or a sunset session, both sessions are so much easier compared to Summer time…read on to find out why!

[Claire and Mark’s session was so much fun and I have to say, I giggled so much while post-processing their gallery as the kids were so full of energy and character - their smiles are completely addictive!]

  1. Sunset and Sunrise Photography is Easier in Winter!

    In summer, if you want to have a Golden Hour session, you have to either be at your location at crazy o’clock (5-6am) or be up super late with your children (7-8pm).

    When you have a young family, this really isn’t ideal.
    Mark and Clare, choose a sunrise session during winter.
    They arrived at the Centennial Park, ready to go at 8:30am……beautiful!

    They practically had a sleep in!
    Sunset would have been at around 3:30pm, which also would have worked well with young kids as it’s not too late and generally is a great time for after nap times.

    Winter family photography is perfect for timing your golden hour sunset and sunrise photography.


2. The Winter Light is Soft for Family Photography

Winter light is far more flattering than summer light because of the angle of the sun being lower and having to shine through more of the earth’s atmosphere. Due to this, our atmosphere acts as a natural soft-box (diffuser) of the sun’s light, enabling it to be softer and warmer. This is perfect lighting for portraits as it not only ensures our skin tones are nice and balanced but the shadows on our faces are softer and not as prominent and unflattering as they can be in the harsh summer light.

With this said, any photography in the direct sunlight is still not going to be flattering for people, unless a proper set up is created.


3. Winter Family Photos Don’t Mean You Have to Freeze

I know what you are thinking.

If you are anything like me and you have to put on a jacket or the heater as soon as it' drops below 26 degrees, I hear you.

To subject myself (and my family) to those temperatures doesn’t exactly scream ‘fun fun fun’ to me either.

But I have been photographing winter family photography sessions in Sydney now for a number of years and I have to say, the majority of the time…’s actually not too bad!

Once the sun is out, we are playing, running around, tickling and no one is noticing that it’s one of the colder months because no one is feeling. it.

If you are still worried about it being too cold, then make sure you book in for the afternoon time so that the day has warmed you all up a little before your session.

Another suggestion is to plan a real ‘winter shoot’, where you are all dressed in coats, beanies, scarves and even ear-muffs. Even bring a big quilt or blanket to wrap around you all. Shoots with this dress can be super cute, especially when the whole family is rugged up together and snuggled in for some cozy photos.


4. It’s Easier to Book your Winter Family Photography Session in Sydney

If you have never considered winter as the perfect time to have your family photography session booked, you are not the only one. Generally speaking, most people don’t plan on booking their session in winter due to the fear of the cold, weather and the promise of warmer, brighter days ahead. Most people automatically hibernate rather than say ‘Hey Darling, now would be a great time for some family photos!’

Yet those who do, have quite an advantage over the spring and summer bookers.

Because winter is not usually considered for photos, photographers are usually a little quieter in the winter months and so availability (especially on weekends) is far greater!

For me, Spring sessions are booked out very quickly and my weekends can be booked right up until Christmas and beyond as soon as the sun comes out. The Winter, allows my clients a little more wiggle room so finding the perfect date for your family is a slightly easier task.

In saying this, always book as soon as you can because, as you may know, the more sought-out photographers are usually booked well in advance.

Another benefit of booking in Winter is that most locations are not as full with visitors, especially book-ending the day so you have a much higher chance of having your perfect place all to yourself!

For example…..your favourite beach.

Didn’t consider that one did you?


So if you have been saving up your smiles for next spring and summer, maybe reconsider looking into having your family photography session in winter.

  1. Golden hour is at more convenient times for young families.

  2. The lighting is far more flattering than in summer time.

  3. Don’t worry about the temperature, there are ways to work around it.

  4. Winter is the quieter season for photographers so bookings are easier and locations are less crowded.

Always remember to book with an accredited, professional photographer to ensure you get the best out of your session, your images and your products. For more information, contact me (Jasmin) here.

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