Fully Trained Photographer!

Jazzy is an Accredited Photographer for the AIPP, continuously updating skills and training and by always abiding by professional standards. Jazzy has been photographing families since the beginning and loves bringing out the best in children...and their parents! Trained in Primary Education, Jazzy has always loved hanging out with kids! If you are wanting a fun, engaging session for your family - one that brings out your natural relationships and giggles....Jazzy is the photographer for you!

"You instantly made us feel relaxed and comfortable, which isn't easy, because my husband and I are both so shy. You even had our 7mth old constantly smiling. You've given us so many amazing photos to choose from...Thank you!"

Priscilla & Andrea


Little hands, tiny toes and such a soft little body - before you know it, they’re all grown up!

Having gained an enviable reputation as a talented children’s photographer, Jazzy has now embraced the wonderful world of newborn photography.

Jazzy will happily come to the hospital during the earliest days, or should you prefer, will capture this special time in  the intimacy of your home, as you share your first moments together as a family.

What a lovely alternative to the usual card or a floral gift, when someone you know and love gives birth to a new baby, or a simply unique surprise gift for that upcoming baby shower. Contact Jazzy for more information.




From the start, families have formed the core of Jazzy Photography.

The relationships you have as husband and wife, brother and sister, grandparent and grandchild, are so very special, and Jazzy knows just how to capture this unique and everlasting bond.

For Jazzy, family portraits mean playing, dancing, story-telling, joke-making, and often just all-round silliness, coupled of course with moments of complete love and the utter joy you feel with being a family.

Family portraits can be at your home, at a location of your choice or as a studio set up – in fact, any place which makes you, and the members of you family feel comfortable and relaxed. Make your booking today.


Being a witness to the most precious family moments, is such a privilege.

Christenings, birthdays, first day of school, graduations, family reunions, wedding anniversaries, or even Grandma Rosie's 100th birthday - you name it, Jazzy can be there to capture that special event.

Highly respectful of family customs, church etiquette and unique cultural requirements, Jazzy has always taken the time to ask about family and church traditions prior to the day of the shoot.

You can trust Jazzy to know when to take a step back, candidly shooting when the moments of great importance are occurring, before moving forward in order to capture family portraits or specific details when required. Have a chat to Jazzy about your details today.