Photography Print Products

You’ve had your newborn, family, wedding, or portrait photography shoot.

What do you do now?

Order your professional, high quality photos on equally high quality print products.

Instead of just posting your recently shot professional images on social media and forget about them, why not display them in your home and show them off to your family, friends, and guests?


What print products can I order?

We have tried and tested a variety of materials and methods over the years and have chosen specialised print products which qualify for quality, integrity, and craftsmanship.

The Jazzy Photography print products include:

  • Organic wood prints

  • Canvases

  • Acrylics

  • Framed art

  • Acrylic blocks

  • Fine art printing

  • Wall art

  • Albums

  • Print boxes

  • Cards

Why Print with Jazzy?

You have your fun family or newborn photography session, and now you want to choose the best quality, long-lasting print products to remember the day.

I care about quality

You can take your images to a local lab of your choice, however the end-result always varies as every lab’s printer has different ink colour profiles, with all papers handling colours differently.

Also, many printers do not offer paper and ink archivability so your albums and prints could fade or change colour over time.

At Jazzy Photography I care about the integrity of the product from shoot, through to print.

I also want my clients to have a complete professional experience, and for the products to last for generations.

What’s the advantage of printing with Jazzy Photography then?

  1. All of my images are colour corrected and edited using professional equipment.

  2. I align the output with the exact profiles of the selected lab, testing quality and integrity over time.

  3. Printing is done using archival papers and inks, tested to last.

  4. I keep up to date with the industry, skills, and equipment to ensure the quality of the products is always excellent.

  5. Albums are created using the finest of materials with client satisfaction as paramount.

  6. Canvases come with a 75 year unconditional warranty.

  7. Products and pricing packages are available at your viewing session.

  8. Discounts are available for your family and friends.

Print Boxes

Starting at $680

Acrylic Blocks

Starting at $290

Acrylic Blocks give your image a luminescent, floating, three dimensional effect.

The blocks are freestanding, so no hanging is required.

They are the perfect gift for a loved one and work well in almost every environment to sit up on a counter, a desk or next to your bed.

Acrylic wall art is one of the most elegant and classic wall art products we offer.

This product is perfect for darker rooms and in corridors as it does not use much width in the space like a canvas does.


Starting at $590

Jazzy Photography offers four styles of albums for you to choose from.

All albums are hand crafted in Perth by state of the art album company Jorgensen Albums.

As all of Jazzy print products, our colours are corrected and matched to the lustre of fine art paper.

Jorgensen uses archival inks and paper.

They carefully create your album with attention to the fine details.

Cover options are available in many different colours and fabrics including:

  • Photo covers

  • Linen

  • Silk

  • Leather

  • Vinyl

  • Buckram

Personalised embossing is available as well as many beautiful and unique cover options such as Photo inserts, half photo and half material and soft leather covers with matching ropes.


Starting at $374

Make your images pop with world’s leading find art canvases, made made from USA-made archival, acid-free matte. The same canvases are featured in well-known art galleries and art museums around the world.

Our printers import primary canvas from Breathing Color in the United States.

It’s manufactured in California to the highest quality standard.

It’s been independently tested to meet the stringent specifications of the UK Fine Art Trade Guild.

Rather than stretching the canvas over a cheap pine, our canvases are stretched over kiln-dried Meranti timber, which offers better resistance to twisting, warping, and other defects. 

The timber is straight-grained, uniform in appearance, and sourced from renewable forests.

Our frames are unique in that they’re profiled on both sides of the timber. This means your prints sit perfectly flat against the wall and show no visible framing line on the front of the canvas.

All our canvas prints receive a coat of premium laminate. This helps protect your print against fading, scratches or fungus.

You can even carefully wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Laminating prints also gives the colours of your print extra punch and vibrancy

All canvases can be created with a beautiful box frame of oak, white or black.


Wall Art

I can assist you in designing the perfect displays for your home.

From simple prints to canvases, framed collections, displays, and metallic art, I can have your images filling your walls rather than sitting on your hard drive.