Your Personal Experience

Why Choose Jazzy?

As soon as you make your first contact with Jazzy, you can be sure to be led through a highly professional, personal and enjoyable experience. Every job is considered individually, with communication and care as key to ensuring all clients feel listened to, and your individual wishes are being met.

Although the experience alters slightly for different types of shoots, below is the outline of the experience you can count on for your booking.

First Contact

You are welcome to contact me by email, phone call, text message or through Instagram and Facebook. I’m happy to answer questions of all types to ensure any queries are lifted and you are able to trust me and our quality product and service for your photography needs. No question is too big or small, all are important so feel free to contact me today.


Once you have made your booking, you will receive information on your session, how to prepare your family, what to wear, the timeline of my communication and when you can expect to see your images and products. If your shoot is more involved, such as a wedding, event or specialised portrait session then we will have a Face-to face consultation to chat about your specific requirements. For all other bookings, this will be a phone call.


For weddings, a part of our planning process may involve a ‘scout-out’ of your main location, where we can plan your bridal photography. We design an itinerary together based on your ceremony, reception and sunset times. For portrait sessions, I will send a pre-session questionnaire to gather some information about you, your family, your photographic style and how you’d like to use your images. This will then be followed up by a phone chat to ensure all details are right for both of us. One week before any session, You will receive communication confirming all of our planning and to check there are no changes. I am more than happy to be part of your Pinterest Page inspiration and will often receive text messages from clients checking clothing ideas before their portrait sessions. You are not left on your own, I am with you throughout the whole process.

Your wedding, Newborn, portrait or event session is here!

Because we have planned and communicated so well before this day, all that’s left is for you to enjoy your session or event! Your session will be professionally carried out fun and lighthearted. Even with all our planning…. programs can change, weather can surprise us and children…well children can be children! And that’s o.k. We will go with the flow and enjoy every second, there is always a beautiful shoot in every occasion.


After your shoot, you will come to the studio for your personal and relaxing viewing session. During this session you will experience a slideshow of your gallery, a suggested album layout and some Wall art/print options for your home. This can be customised based on any information given to be prior and can be designed on the wall of your home, exactly to scale (just ask how)! During this appointment, you will choose your favourite images and purchase your print products.

Products are designed with you and are not sent to print until you are 100% happy with the arrangement. This is why this session is best conducted with all the decision makers present and children at home or with activities so that our time together is productive and focused.




Print products can take anywhere between 2 to 5 weeks to arrive, depending on the product. All products use archival materials and inks and have a guarantee of longevity if they are cared for. You will enjoy your products for generations and we hope your children and children’s children also enjoy them one day too.

All though this will conclude our time together, it won’t be goodbye…..So many clients come back to us for the milestone photography over many years and we have built so many beautiful relationships with so many families we photograph for. We have a loyalty program through our email where specials are sent out to past clients regularly so we will be seeing you again soon!